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Brands turn to TextRebates for actionable point of sale campaigns and customer insights.

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We make it easy to capture customer attention and drives sales in liquor and grocery stores through text-based rebates. Perfect for both spirit and wine suppliers.
  • 76%

    Of consumers were influenced to purchase because of TextRebates.
  • 56%

    Of consumers were first-time purchasers of a TextRebates partner brand.
  • 49%

    Of consumers bought multiple bottles because of a TextRebates offer.
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Your 1-stop Rebate Solution
TextRebates makes it easy to start, run and maximize the value of your cash rebate campaigns.
  • Legal Compliance
    TextRebates works at the state level to ensure 100% compliance.
  • Printing
    Enjoy custom printing that is durable, full color and affordable.
  • Merchandising
    Leverage our national team to ensure retail deployment.
  • Dedicated Support
    Consumers have access to support for help with their rebate.
  • Fast Payouts
    Streamlined consumer payouts that are executed within 48 hours.
  • Fraud Detection
    Suspicious rebates are automatically flagged for review.
  • Data
    Analyze trends and redemption data to drive future programs.
  • Retargeting
    Gain access to opt-in consumers for follow up advertising or surveys.
Buy a participating TextRebate brand and ask for an itemized receipt.
Scan Receipt Text Rebate
A seamless experience for consumers
Get paid out in less than 48 hours via PayPal or Venmo.
After purchase, simply take a picture of their receipt and text it to TextRebates.
Get Cash
Liquor Text Rebate
Scan Receipt Text Rebate

Compliant in 45 states

TextRebates works at the state level to ensure rebate compliance with each liquor control board. Contact us for more details.
Liquor Text Rebate State compliant
Insights & actionable data for brands
Scan Receipt Text Rebate
Order hang tags for shipment and distribution to any retailer.
Send customer segments custom texts, emails and social campaigns.
Scan Receipt Text Rebate
Liquor Text Rebate
Monitor performance by state and brand in our dashboard.
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Custom Branding Solutions
Explore a variety of ways to use TextRebate Products and Solutions to run the best campaign for your brand and needs.
We build and manage custom campaign landing pages for rebates, redemptions, raffles and more.
Run campaigns with unique brand names or keywords to increase brand awareness
We can work with your design and marketing team or fully design collateral, social posts and more.
Landing Pages
Branded Text Codes
Print, Digital & Social
Manage and deploy fully custom rebate and loyalty campaigns directly from your own website.
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